The 2040 Review is a publication dedicated to enhancing bookshelves by showcasing diverse authorship and reviewers.

This is the very first review publication that will feature reviewers and authors of color.

The idea for this publication came out of the Grubstreet Writers of Color gathering at the MUSE conference earlier this year.  We recognize that reviews can be vital to the promotion, publication, and sales for an author.  It is the mission of the 2040 Review to provide an avenue of accessibility for authors of color within the world of literature reviews.

The title for this publication was inspired by author David Mura who presented at the MUSE conference earlier this year.  He pointed out that the increase of writers of color and indigenous writers will inevitably shift the current demographic of the publishing industry due to the fact that by 2040 people of color will be the majority in this country. The launch of the 2040 Review is an effort to provide advocacy for writers of color, offering the opportunity for our work to be reviewed by our peers within our own communities.

Forthcoming will be our website to launch at the beginning of next year.

The print publication will launch and be presented next year at the MUSE Conference in Boston.  Please stay tuned to our blog as we move forth with this exciting publication.

Currently we are seeking the following:

  • Poetry Editor
  • Publication Staff

More information here:  Join Us