2040 Review: Collecting Books!

2040 Review Editors
(From left to right: Chetan Tiwari, C.J. Ghanny, Asata Radcliffe, Marilse Rodriguez-Garcia, Kristin Waites)

We start February off with good news!  We had our very first editorial staff meeting at GrubStreet last month, with new faces joining us. C.J. Ghanny is our new Production Coordinator & Kristin Waites is our new YA/Children’s Editor. We’ll have our second all staff meeting in a couple of weeks, excited that our numbers have doubled, and it looks like we’ll have all editor genres represented.

Also, in January, we received word that we’ve been chosen to present at the Urban Librarian Conference that will be held in Brooklyn in April of this year.  We are very excited about this conference because this demographic of librarians is exactly who we’d like to reach, community, grassroots libraries that have historically been a resource of diverse literature to multicultural communities.  The Urban Librarian Conference is new on our radar, and we will be sure to report back as we expect this to be a memorable collaboration.

We are diligently working to get our first issue launched in time for the MUSE Conference in April.  It’s been quite the experience to galvanize such a talented group of passionate writers that have pooled together our own resources of time and energy to pull off this journalistic endeavor.  We’ve received publications from all over the country, and the reception has been phenomenal.  Publishers and writers alike continue to express “it’s about time” as it appears the demographic we represent has been long underrepresented in the review world.  We’re even getting inquiries as far away as Jamaica!  Exciting stuff!!

Finally, we are ready to begin recruiting reviewers!  If you are a writer who is interested in reviewing for 2040 Review, please send your resume and a short bio to: info2040review@gmail.com.


2040 Review Presenting at ALA in New Orleans!


This week we at 2040 Review celebrate one of our first big accomplishments. After working diligently on our very first ALA proposal submission, we are very excited to announce that we have been selected to present at the 2018 American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans! Since 2040 Review will be a new publication, and we are in the initial stages of engaging with the publishing community, we weren’t quite sure as newbies how the project would be received.

At every turn, this project is being met with open arms.  Many in the publishing industry have shared with us that the 2040 Review is a much needed literary publication.  The library community is often overlooked by writers as a venue where their work has a significant impact.  If librarians have access to a review publication that highlights diverse authorship, they will be more inclined to order more diverse books for circulation.  In turn, if a writer has a book that does well in a library, librarians tend to lean toward selecting that author again and again.  Thus, there is a lot of “win-win” as we try to bridge the gap between writers of color and librarians by putting our efforts into a publication that can have a significant impact on librarians having access to more diverse books.

As writers ourselves, our mission is to empower writers by championing their work, and stepping up to ensure our books are included on bookshelves across the country.  Stay tuned as we will have more announcements that will include our new staff and details regarding the collaborations we are making with publishers.